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  • Does Barton’s all-purpose seasoning contain lot of salt?
    No, this seasoning has moderate salt, depending on your preference you may have to add more salt to some of your dishes.
  • How much sugar is in Barton’s all purpose seasoning?
    Barton‘s all purpose has no sugar in it.
  • Does Barton‘s all-purpose seasoning contain gluten?
    No, Barton‘s all purpose seasoning has no gluten in it.
  • Can I mix Barton's all purpose seasonings with my own seasoning?
    Yes, you may add in your own seasoning and use Barton‘s all purpose as your base seasoning.
  • Is Barton‘s all purpose only used for meats?
    No, Barton‘s all purpose seasoning can be used on all varieties of foods and dishes including vegetables, and fruits like watermelon or a fruit salad.
  • What are some dishes I can use Barton‘s all purpose seasoning on?
    Barton‘s all purpose can be use on a variety of foods and dishes like popcorn, french fries, eggs, grits, sautéed vegetables, steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, baked and grilled fish, chicken, pork chops, steaks, fried chicken, fried fish, barbecue ribs, brisket, Tri-tip, lamb chops, sausage, and whatever seems fitting for you.
  • How do you store Barton's al-purpose seasoning?
    Barton’s all purpose seasoning should be stored in a cool dry place, cabinet, pantry, or spice rack. Shelf life for Barton’s all purpose is approximately two years.
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